Two new branches open!

Our quest to bring our pieces to people who would appreciate them continues, and we have opened two new shops to operate as small branches. The first is in Seraph City, a relatively new sim devoted to “Dieselpunk”, or the arts, technology and lifestyles of  the first half of the 20th Century. A beautifully crafted … Continue reading

Crematoria shop closed

It is with great regret that we announce the closure of our store at Crematoria. We had to make this decision due to low sales from that outlet, which were not matching the cost, even considering the recent promotion. It’s sad for us because it is a lovely location and very well-managed. We wish proprietor … Continue reading

New product: Scintillio mobile lamp

The new Scintillio lamp has different textures and behaviour for daytime and at night. During daytime, it features elegant glass balls with a classy sheen; at night, the balls show a deep blue with a sparkling glitter quite unlike anything else we’ve seen in SL. More details here