Stoom steam clock

We are extremely proud to announce our latest product, the Stoom steam clock. The third of our steam clocks and the most sophisticated, the Stoom is perfect for any Steampunk setting.

Click images to enlarge

In the cafeteria at Abune Industries, we sometimes speculated about if and when anyone would ever create another functioning steam clock to rival our “Steam Floor clock.” The if is yes, the when is now — and the “anyone” is we ourselves! We polished off our old steam clock skills, added some new ones, and the result is the amazing Stoom.

If you want to hear it, the Stoom features an original blend of sounds. If you want to watch it work, the Stoom features an intricate system with moving parts, steam, smoke and sparks.


  • Set your time zone using either SL time or GMT as a base.
  • Choose whether you want a second hand or not, and whether you want it to be smooth or accurately stepped.
  • You have four different chimes choices (or none)
  • Choose to have the engine running or not, and choose to hear it or not.

This floor-standing clock is about 2 meters high. To see this clock in action, come to our main store. You can also see it on SL Marketplace.


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