Saucy Flossy wall light

In the days before electricity was a necessity, Abune’s great-great-grandfather got a crush on a saloon dancer. He kept a picture of her hidden inside a book he knew his wife would never read. But his son did read the book — and at the tender age of 16, he also fell for Flossy’s charms. … Continue reading

New product: Maxfield fireplace

The Maxfield Parrish painting we hung above the fireplace is called “Ah, Never in This World were there such Roses.” All the Abune staff members agree. And we like to think if Maxfield were alive today, he would be happy to warm his hands in front of the fireplace he inspired us to create. The … Continue reading

New stall open

We’ve taken a new stall in Malt village It’s a lovely place to be, very well designed and beautiful. We hope we’ll be there a long time, and we urge people to visit there and browse through the many shops.