Saucy Flossy wall light

Saucy Flossy wall light

In the days before electricity was a necessity, Abune’s great-great-grandfather got a crush on a saloon dancer. He kept a picture of her hidden inside a book he knew his wife would never read. But his son did read the book — and at the tender age of 16, he also fell for Flossy’s charms. Years later, when the boy became a very rich man, he had the photo made into a lamp, and hung it on the wall in his study. Eventually, the light was passed on to Abune, who brought it into the studio for us to replicate. Now Flossy’s uninhibited pose will light up rooms of in the Steampunk and Victorian rooms of SL.

Choose whether you want your lamp to automatically turn on at dusk and off again at dawn. Whether you select this option or not, you can always click the lamp on or off.
Choose whether or not you want to be the only one who can turn the light on and off.

Saucy Flossy wall light (night)


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