New video on YouTube

One of our team has made a short (1:35) video on YouTube, showing the Genty Clock working. Perhaps Second Life Machinima is an area we shall explore some more – let us know what you think! The video was made using WeGame, Wax 2.0, Avidemux 2.5 and Microsoft Movie Maker. We didn’t need all of … Continue reading

Sim-wide hunt at Crematoria

We at Abune are happy to be taking part in Crematoria’s “Necromonger Hunt”, a sim-wide hunt for all residents where free items will be concealed; your task is to follow clues, find the prizes and claim them. Crematoria is a steampunk-come-Gothic marvel, with many stores selling items appropriate to those genres; our branch there is … Continue reading

New product released – rings!

We at Abune Clocks & Lamps are delighted to announce a departure from our core product range – the release of 12 beautiful vintage rings! There are two ranges, the Evig rings and Thirl rings; each ring is available in either gold or silver, with a choice of diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Each ring comes … Continue reading

Hellenic Island sim closed down

Sadly, due to RL commitments, Edemon Gausman and Bailarin Franciosa have had to close down the Hellenic Island sim, along with two others. As a result, we’ve had to close down our store there. It’s a shame. Hellenic Island was a beautiful sim, with a real sense of Mediterranean atmosphere, and we greatly enjoyed having … Continue reading